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Heather Newman

Sanitary District

Position 5

Began in January 2022  Term ends:  June 2025

Having visited Arch Cape just once in February of 2017, Heather Newman and husband, Chris Anderson, fell in love with the north coast despite experiencing chilly temperatures and blustery wind-driven rains.

   Ninety days later they gave notice to their employers, sold their house in Dallas and proceeded to drive the 2,000 miles from Texas to Oregon with their dog Birdie. 

   They proceeded to buy both a home and a business in Arch Cape: A home at the south end of Arch Cape and The Inn at Arch Cape, a six-room inn that once served as the town’s grocery and post office. Today, running the inn is their full-time job.

   Heather and Chris enjoy walks on the beach and hiking the local forest trails. And when things get stressful, they pause, look west toward the Pacific, and are reminded why they, like so many before them, ventured to this alluring, enchanting place.

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