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Darr Tindall portrait photo

Darr Tindall

Sanitary District : President

Position 2

Began in February 2013  Term ends:  June 2021

   Darr loves her large extended family and this special part of the north coast.  Born and raised in Portland Oregon, she has had a varied career following her graduation from Mt. Hood Community College as a physical therapy assistant to working in a dental practice.  She finally joined the family trucking businesses in 1999 where she continues to work. 

   Darr was encouraged to attend utility district meetings in the early 1990’s by long time resident, Bridget Snow, who lived near her families Arch Cape home, and she formally joined the Sanitary District board in early 2013.  She brings to her community service a positive spirit and knowledge of Arch Cape.   

   She enjoys taking photos and as a drone pilot has captured images of Arch Cape from a unique overhead perspective.  In her spare time Darr loves working on her new home in Arch Cape.       

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