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About Us


Elliana Fladstol, Teri Fladstol & Meghan Burdick 

Administrative Services


   Jigsaw Consulting Services works with start-ups, established and non-profit businesses in setting up and maintaining accounting systems, financial reporting, processes and procedures in daily operations, and payroll processing. 

   Teri Fladstol works as an Independent Business Adviser with the Tillamook Bay Small Business Development Center in addition to owning Jigsaw Consulting Services. Teri has an affinity for small business  and especially enjoys the process of breaking down tasks involved in each facet of business and helping small businesses navigate doing ‘everything’ - often, without a handbook on how-to. When not working, Teri enjoys spending time with her husband, two kids and relaxing with a good book, knitting or by doing a jigsaw puzzle. 

   Elliana Fladstol, has worked with Jigsaw Consulting Services since 2018. Elliana works specifically with data entry and organization in QuickBooks, payroll processing, website updates and documentation of ‘how-to’ for business processes.  When not working, Elliana can be spotted out walking her dogs, going to the beach, and crafting.    

    Meghan Burdick, joined Jigsaw Consulting Services in 2021. Growing up working in her family's business, Meghan understands what’s involved in running a small business. She appreciates the unique challenges and enjoys collaborating with clients to establish efficient practices in financial organization and streamlining processes. When not working, Meghan enjoys traveling, exploring the outdoors, reading, and spending time with her pups. 

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