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Board of Directors

Tevis Dooley


Water District - Position 1

Began in July 2023  Term ends:  June 2027

Tevis began visiting the area in 1967 and has lived here since 1980, working for many of the residents  on their homes. He and his wife Jude raised their two children here and plan to stick around. Tevis served on the Sewer District and Water District during the the rebuilding of both treatment plants.

Bob Cerelli

Water District

Position 2

Began in July 2023  Term ends: June 2025

Chris Mastrandrea

Chris M.jpg

Water District - Position 3

Began in July 2023  Term ends:  June 2025

Chris spent all of his college summers here in the North Coast area while working and surfing.  He met his future wife Micah Cerelli, an Arch Cape local, that first summer and together they made their dream of one day living in this beautiful place a reality.  With two young boys and full time work, Chris stays busy doing what he loves in this special place.


Chris graduated from Oregon State University with a Construction Engineering Management degree and has been working as a project manager/owner's representative for the last 14 years.

Sam Garrison


Water District - Position 5

Began in July 2023      Term ends June 2027


  Sam has been coming to the Arch Cape since he was a young boy when his Grandma purchased a house here.  He is now a full-time resident of Arch Cape, with his sons and close friends visiting frequently.

  Sam is a graduate of the Portland State University School of Business and runs a consultancy and design business focusing on Product Development from his Arch Cape home. He has been in business for more than 30 years and enjoys traveling the world meeting new customers and factories partners.  

  In his spare time he is an avid outdoorsman, participating in many sports and forms of recreation.  

Bill Campbell

Water District - Position 4

Began in July 2023    Term ends June 2025

Bill lives in Arch Cape all the time with his partner Sharon and sometimes with his grand daughter — her visits are not frequent enough or long enough.  He has previously served on the Sanitary District Board and the previous Watershed Finance Committee

Casey Short


Sanitary District : President

Position 1

Began in July 2023  Term ends:  June 2025

Casey has had a house in Arch Cape for 30 years and been involved with the local water and sanitary districts for more than 10 years.  His career was in local government in Portland, focused on finance and particularly on budgeting.  He was Budget Director at Metro and later the City of Portland for the last five years of his career, and in retirement he prepared budgets for four small flood protection districts in Multnomah County.  He chaired the budget committee for both Arch Cape Water and Sanitary districts for 11 years and served on the Sanitary District board for 5 years before re-joining the board this year.

Casey and his wife like to travel and spend time outdoors, and to spend time with their young granddaughter.  He has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in European history from the University of Oregon and follows the Ducks faithfully.

Darr Tindall

Darr Tindal portrait photo

Sanitary District : Director

Position 2

Began in February 2013  Term ends:  June 2025

   Darr loves her large extended family and this special part of the north coast.  Born and raised in Portland Oregon, she has had a varied career following her graduation from Mt. Hood Community College as a physical therapy assistant to working in a dental practice.  She finally joined the family trucking businesses in 1999 where she continues to work. 

   Darr was encouraged to attend utility district meetings in the early 1990’s by long time resident, Bridget Snow, who lived near her families Arch Cape home, and she formally joined the Sanitary District board in early 2013.  She brings to her community service a positive spirit and knowledge of Arch Cape.

Mark Engberg


Sanitary District

Position 3

Began January 2024   Term ends: June 2025

Mark Engberg and his wife Laurie have been enjoying vacations in Arch Cape since
2012. In 2016 they purchased a lot and built a house and became full time residents in


Mark has been practicing architecture for forty years and is the founder of COLAB
Architecture and Urban Design in Portland.

Steve Hill


Sanitary District 

Position 4

Began October 2022  Term ends:  June 2027

  A native Oregonian, Steve especially loves this part of the Oregon Coast and has lived here with his wife Joanne since year 2000.

Attending Oregon State and Portland State Universities, he Graduated with a degree in finance and computer programming, was an artillery officer in the U.S. Marine Corps for seven years and then served as a controller and treasurer in the San Francisco financial district for fifteen years before establishing a consulting practice with Silicon Valley startups for an additional eighteen year period.

Tom Mattia


Sanitary District

Position 5

Began in July 2023  Term ends:  June 2027

  Tom and his wife, Marti, fell in love with the Oregon Coast while she was studying for her MFA at Pacific University. They bought their house in Arch Cape in 2020 and can be found most mornings strolling the beach. They divide their time between homes here and Austin, TX, where two adult daughters - and one grandson - reside. Their third child lives in LA.

  Tom is a retired corporate executive (IBM, Ford, Coca-Cola) with experience overseeing complex projects and involved budgets. He has currently turned his communications talents to theater, appearing with the Riverbend Players Community Theater in Nehalem and writing both 10 minute and full-length plays. He is committed to preserving the great natural resources with which our community is blessed.

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