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Board of Directors

Nadia Gardner portrait photo

Nadia Gardner

Water District

Position 1

Began in October 2019  Term ends:  June 2023

   Almost a native Oregonian, Nadia Gardner has lived year round on the north coast since 2001 and Arch Cape since 2007. 

   She is an environmental scientist and has worked most recently in the fields of land and ocean conservation, benefiting both wildlife and people. She is especially interested in the Arch Cape Forest conservation project, preparing our vulnerable communities for climate 

Linda Murray portrait photo

Linda Murray

Water District

Position 2

Began in Jan 2018  Term ends:  June 2025

   When Linda was a child growing up in Hillsboro, Oregon, her parents used to rent one of The Arch Cape Cottages from the Leeches for their summer vacations.  Now she is living here full time in the old Leech home and enjoying retirement in Arch Cape.

   Linda started her portrait studio in Sherwood, Oregon in 1975.  She was a pioneer of location portraits using only natural light and letting children run and play, while all the other studios were doing traditional stuffy studio portraits.


Chris M.jpg

Water District

Position 3

Began in January 2023  Term ends:  June 2023

Chris Mastrandrea

Debra Birkby portrait photo

Debra Birkby

Dan Seifer portrait photo

Dan Seifer

Water District : Vice President & Treasurer

Position 4

Began in July 2013  Term ends:  June 2025

Sanitary District : Vice President & Treasurer   

Position 1

Began in October 2019  Term ends:  June 2025

   Debra has deep ties to Arch Cape having moved here with her family when just 13 years of age.  She purchased her present home on Gelinsky in 1995 from Bridget Snow where she has recently cared for her father Jack Birkby who passed away in May of 2018 and her sister Virginia in June of

Water District Position 5

Began in July 2015  Term ends:  June 2023

   Dan and his wife Kathy have owned a home in Arch Cape for nearly 30 years.  His private practice of law in Portland specialized in contracts, government contracts and construction disputes from 1969 until his retirement in 2013.  During that time, he was admitted to all state and federal courts in Oregon and the U.S. Supreme Court, served as an arbitrator and mediator with the American Arbitration Association, and was active in the

Darr Tindal portrait photo

Darr Tindall


Jay Blake

Sanitary District : President

Position 2

Began in February 2013  Term ends:  June 2025

   Darr loves her large extended family and this special part of the north coast.  Born and raised in Portland Oregon, she has had a varied career following her graduation from Mt. Hood Community College as a physical therapy assistant to working in a dental practice.  She finally joined the family trucking businesses in 1999 where she continues to work. 

   Darr was encouraged to attend utility district meetings in the early 1990’s by long time resident, Bridget Snow, who

Sanitary District

Position 3

Began in July 2021  Term ends:  June 2025

   Jay is a new resident to Arch Cape having just landed here in 2020.  He and his wife Lori moved from Minnesota to Oregon nearly seven years ago.  Jay is a City Planner at the City of Warrenton.

Steven Hill

Sanitary District 

Position 4

Began October 2022  Term ends:  June 2023


Heather Newman

Sanitary District

Position 5

Began in January 2022  Term ends:  June 2025

Having visited Arch Cape just once in February of 2017, Heather Newman and husband, Chris Anderson, fell in love with the north coast despite experiencing chilly temperatures and blustery wind-driven rains.

   Ninety days later they gave notice to their employers, sold their house in Dallas and proceeded to drive the 2,000 miles from Texas to Oregon with their dog Birdie...

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