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Annual Irrigation Report

Customers with irrigation systems are strongly encouraged to submit an annual irrigation system report by May 1st to qualify for a leak credit in the event of a system failure.  Those filing this report should have forwarded a Backflow report on March 1st.


Irrigaton System Report Form

Why an annual report?  The water district is a water conservation district.  Regular attention to the capability, functioning and maintenance of an irrigation system reduces the chance of system failure and possibility of a significant water leak.

District Policies:   In an effort to protect our water supply, the districts have adopted rate structures intended to encourage water conservation and have established policies regarding irrigation systems and water consumption.  These policies are intended for owners and operators of irrigation systems within the boundaries of the districts to take reasonable measures to preserve and conserve the water supply.

What is an "Irrigation System"?   It's an under-ground or above-ground system of pipes, fittings and sprinkler/distribution heads which when in operation dispense water onto lawns and landscape, is external to the dwelling plumbing system and is not used for commercial cultivation.

The annual report may be filed out by the home owner.  If you have any questions after reading the irrigation system form, please feel free to contact our office at 503-436-2790

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