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  • I did not use any water, why am I still getting billed?"
    A: Although our base rate includes 5,000 gallons of water consumption in any single month, our quarterly in advance user fee is charged regardless of water use to be able to provide customers with water on demand.
  • Why don't you accept credit card payments?
    A: We only accept checks or money orders to help keep banking services costs as low as possible for the districts. However many customers utilize convenient online bank bill pay services associated with their checking accounts to make payments in amounts and by dates of their own choosing.
  • How can I tell if I have a water leak?
    A: Your water use in gallons is reported with the quarterly billings. If your use in any single month is significantly higher than a similiar home usage pattern experienced in prior months, you probably have a water leak. Your water meter has a red triangular running indicator which if turning while water is not otherwise in use at your home, would signal a leak. You may wish to shut off your water line at your own shut off valve between the districts meter and your home or contact the District Manager at 503-436-2790.
  • Is Arch Cape's water considered hard or soft and is it fluorinated?
    A: Our water is considered soft and we do not treat our water with fluoride. You can learn more by visisting our Consumer Confidence Reports page
  • Why does my water sometimes smell like sulfer?
    A: The "sulfur" smell usually comes from the water heater if it is not cycled often enough to replenish itself with fresh water. You can usually eliminate this smell by draining the hot water heater once or twice and letting it refill with fresh water.
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