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Tsunami & Earthquake Zone

The Arch Cape community is subject to tsunami and earthquake hazards.

The tsunami evacuation zone map for Arch Cape was developed by the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries for the purpose of evaluating the 


most effective means to guide the public in the event of a tsunami evacuation.  It adopts recommendations from the Oregon Tsunami Advisory Council.  The evacuation routes were developed by local emergency officials and reviewed by the Oregon Department of Emergency Management.


Local Tsunamis :

A local tsunami can come onshore within 15 to 20 minutes after the earthquake  -  before there is time for an official warning from the national warning system.  Ground shaking from the earthquake may be the only warning you have.  Evacuate quickly!

Distant Tsunamis :

A distant tsunami will take 4 hours or more to come ashore.  You will feel no earthquake, and the tsunami will generally be smaller than that from a local earthquake.  Typically there is time for an official warning and evacuation to safety.

Evacuation for a distant tsunami will generally be indicated by a 3 - minute siren blast and an announcement over the NOAA weather radio that the local area has been put into an official TSUNAMI WARNING.  In isolated areas along beaches and bays you may not hear a warning siren.  Here, a sudden change of sea level should prompt you to move immediately to high ground.  If you hear the 3 - minute blast or see a sudden sea level change, first evacuate away from shoreline areas, then turn on your local broadcast media or NOAA weather radio for more information.


Is Your Address in a Tsunami Zone? :

To learn if you are in a tsunami zone :  

Earthquake Home Hazzard :

Earthquake home hazard mitigation information was developed by FEMA.


Additional information about the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP) and more ways to address earthquake risks may be obtained at

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