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Annual Backflow Report


"  It is in everyone's interest to keep the supply of delivered water as clean as possible.  When certain external connections are made to that supply, such as an irrigation system, fire suppression system or commercial dish washer, it is possible for a cross connection contamination to occur affecting everyone.  These risks can be minimized with a properly installed backflow device.  "

Have a Backflow Connection?  Backflow testing reports are due by March 1st annuallyAlso Have an irrigation system?  Irrigation system reports are due by May 1st annually.   

Feel you no longer need a backflow device?   ---   Please arrange for a visit so we can inspect the site and make a determination.

Thank you for your cooperation!

In the spring of each year, the water district prepares to file its annual backflow report with the Oregon Health Authority's drinking water section in response to OAR 333-061-0070.

For those customers who have an irrigation system, fire suppression, in floor water heating system, hot tubs or any system which presents the potential for cross contamination of the public water supply, the requirement to submit an annual report to the district falls under Ordinance 11-04 WD. 

Local Testers:

M & F Plumbing

10117 7th Street

Seaside, OR  97138

PO Box 541


Local Testers:

Backflow Services

Cindy Olson

PO Box 541 

Seaside, OR  97138


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