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Steve Hill

Sanitary District, Position 4

Begin November 2022  Term ends:  June 2023

    A native Oregonian, Steve especially loves this part of the Oregon Coast and has lived here with his wife Joanne since year 2000.

Attending Oregon State and Portland State Universities, he Graduated with a degree in finance and computer programming, was an artillery officer in the U.S. Marine Corps for seven years and then served as a controller and treasurer in the San Francisco financial district for fifteen years before establishing a consulting practice with Silicon Valley startups for an additional eighteen year period.

     He served as president of the Arch Cape – Falcon Cove Beach Community Club was actively involved in support of the Cannon Beach Library while his wife served as its president and was a director in the Arch Cape Water and Sanitary Districts from 2001

Until 2011 when he subsequently provided back-office support for the districts through 2021.

     Steve enjoys photography, collecting images of clouds, studying and drawing images of eyes, giving limited website design guidance in the community and remaining humbled with competitive chess.


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