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   As water is used in the home, it flows by gravity through the homes own waste water collection piping to the collection pipes installed and maintained by the sanitary district.  There are four lift stations which pump this waste water through the collection system to overcome differences in elevation to eventually reach the waste water treatment plant at the furthest east end of Shingle Mill Lane.


   The lift station furthest to the north in the district is located on Carnahan and moves waste water to the south in the collection system.

   The next lift station in the district is located near Asbury Creek on Pacific Road and like the Carnahan station is a submerged pump with operational control equipment and alarms to manage pump operation.

   The Carnahan lift station at the time it was rebuilt in 2006 showing the new electrical service post and open cage revealing the twin pumps positioned over the wet well.

   Closup of the Carnahan lift station.

   The next lift station to the south along Pacific can be found at Sally's Alley.  The photos below show the submerged pump well during construction in 2006 and the electrical control panel.

   The finished submerged well is shown below.

   The completed control building on the east side of Pacific at Sally's Alley.

   The 4th and final lift station positioned at Webb and East Shingle Mill Lane shown at right moves waste water from the lowest elevation in the district's collection system pipes, as well as all of the waste water water moved south from the other three lift stations, and moves it to the treatment plant for further processing.

   The Webb lift station is scheduled for a $180K rebuild in the 2021 - 2022 fiscal year.

   The old waste water treatment plant in xxxxxxx .

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Headworks receiving initial flows of waste water.

Waste water from the headworks in the upgraded plant is moved to the submerged membrane units in the foreground of the photo at right.

Drying shed.for bio-solids

Clean water to Arch Cape Creek

Clean water to the irrigation site

Electrical panel

Lab work  &  possibly photo of office

new plant construction?

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